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India is Colorful

This is a special video I’ve made as part 2 of 3 of an entry to Indiais.org video competition. This particular video is for the ‘India Is Colourful’ entry. The music in this video is by Sagnik Basu & Krishnaroop Chakravarthi – Dance of Joy creative commons.


Otavalo Market in Otavalo, Ecuador

The Otavalo Market in Otavalo, Ecuador is South America’s largest market and on Saturdays the whole town comes out for an orgy of awesomeness. You can buy anything from snails and mystery meat to fake shrunken heads and dream catchers. For those of you who know about my addiction to markets you can understand what a great day this was for me in Otavalo. Checkout the video above and photos below to get a feel for the Otavalo Market experience. If you’re ever in Ecuador, take the 2 hour bus ride from Quito to Otavalo on a Saturday morning and experience true Ecuadorian culture at the Otavalo Market.


Sighisoara, Romania

Posted in ETC – Videos

After spending 30 hours on trains within 36 hours to get from Turkey to Romania […]

Sighisoara, Romania – Europe #20 [VIDEO]As We Travel – Travel Videos & Travel Blog


Vevey, Switzerland

Vevey, Switzerland – Europe Train Challenge: Country #9 As We Travel @AsWeTravel Europe As We Travel is run by Nathan & Sofia. They have been traveling around the world together since 2008 sharing travel advice via daily blogs on AsWeTravel.com

Fishing and Nightlife, Yangshuo, China

From the floor of a train, to fishing with cormorants in Yangshuo, the first leg of my trip was spent in rural China. Backpacking through several cities really gave me new perspective on chinese people and culture. The Li River is famous for it’s karst formations, the limestone mountains the jut out of the landscape […]

Marco Campazas

Castille and Leon, Spain

by Marco Campazas Una peque

Petra W.

Impressions from north Mallorca, Spain

by Petra W. Impressionen aus dem Norden von Mallorca, Sommer 2010. Impressions from north Majorca, summer 2010.

Petra W.


by Petra W. Das Freilichtmuseum Detmold ist eines der bedeutendsten seiner Art in Europa, mit 90 ha Fl

Bollard Bastien

Tanzanian Coast

by BOLLARD Bastien

Silberius de Ura

Mountain Biking en Arlanza, Spain

by Silberius de Ura Peque

Silberius de Ura

El Parque Natural de los Sabinares del Arlanza, Spain

by Silberius de Ura El trepidante ritmo de la Naturaleza pasa inadvertido para la mayor parte de los habitantes de las ciudades. En cambio, el mundo rural tradicional vive pendiente de ese ritmo (y sometido a

Silberius de Ura

Covarrubias, Spain

by Silberius de Ura Trailer del corto-documental “Covarrubias.doc”, producido en su mayor

Silberius de Ura

Covarrubias, Spain in Autumn

by Silberius de Ura

Silberius de Ura

Sierra de la Demanda, Ezcaray, Spain

by Silberius de Ura Algunos apuntes de v

Silberius de Ura

Covarrubias, Spain

by Silberius de Ura Un fragmento del documental experimental que realic

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