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Scott Bartel

Diving Islamorada, FL

by Scott Bartel This is some footage from my trip to the Florida Keys. Find Florida Keys vacation rentals

Scott Bartel

San Pablo Reef, Pensacola, Florida

by Scott Bartel The San Pablo Reef is located in the Gulf of Mexico – off of Pensacola, Florida. Locally called the “Russian Freighter”, it hosts tons of life.

Scott Bartel

Tex Edwards Barge Reef, Escambia County, Florida

by Scott Bartel This barge was deployed in 1982 in 75 feet of water. Over the last few years, it has been ravaged by storms….twisting and breaking it into a much more interesting dive. Clouds of small fish sometimes obscured the wreck, while many Red Snapper curiously followed me.

Scott Bartel

Manta Rays: Gulf Breeze, FL

by Scott Bartel This is the first time I have been back to the Oriskany Reef since the Gulf Oil Spill. I was glad to see plenty of life , with some larger additions! Two 12-15 ft wide manta rays circled the tower, and a 6 ft shark cruised around for a while as well. […]

Scott Bartel

Sea dive off Orange Beach, Alabama

by Scott Bartel This is video of our discovery of a Red Lionfish (non-native species) on one of our dives on 10/31/2010. Located on Natual limestone reef in 110′ of water (Gulf of Mexico, South of Orange Beach Alabama.) Find Gulf Shores vacation rentals

Scott Bartel

DJ Hooks Reef, Pensacola Florida

by Scott Bartel This Artificial reef was dedicated to the lost son of a Pensacola Fishing Forum member. Located off of Pensacola Florida the reef is home to lots of large shells and one very large octopus.

Scott Bartel

Natural Limestone Reefs, Destin, Florida

by Scott Bartel This is some footage I put together to show the beauty and diversity of the naturally occuring limestone reefs located off of Florida’s Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties. Scattered across the Gulf Floor, these reefs are teeming with life, and beauty. Find Destin, Florida vacation rentals

JB Digit

Diving Gran Canaria, Spain

by JB Digit Este foi o registo, de um aprendiz de video sub de uma passagem por alguns spots de mergulho na Ilha Gran Canaria em Espanha. Spots visitados: -Playa de los Amadores -Chuchu Reef – Pasito Blanco -“Warrior” Russian Wreck – Pasito Blanco -“El Cabron” -Arinaga

JB Digit

Diving with Encontro Nacional Forum de Mergulho, Berlenga, Portugal

by JB Digit 5

JB Digit

Diving Parede Promontorio, Nazar

by JB Digit Mergulhos na Parede do Promontorio, Nazare, Portugal. Apesar de n

JB Digit

Diving Casa da Preta, Ferreira do Z

by JB Digit Mergulho de visita a um spot conhecido por “Casa da Preta” no Rio Zezere, pr

JB Digit

Diving to view U-Boat, Porto, Portugal

by JB Digit Esta foi a primeira vez que mergulhei neste spot e consegui ver algo. A visibilidade n

JB Digit

Diving at Berlengas, Peniche, Portugal

by JB Digit Primavera e Tromba do Elefante Mergulho duplo nas Berlengas – Portugal, nos Spot’s Primavera e Tromba do Elefante.

Chi-town Spice

Amazonia & Galapagos

Video about the Amazon Rainforest and Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Paradise in the middle of the world. Sucumbios, Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, Morona Santiago, Zamora Chinchipe. Nueva Loja, Coca (Puerto Francisco de Orellana), Tena, Puyo, Macas, Zamora.

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