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Quetzaltrekkers: Volcano Boarding Down Cerro Negro (part 1)

It’s 6AM and I’m up and at it. My bag is packed and I’m ready to head out on a short hike to top of Cerro Negro only to sled back down, followed by a 2-day trekking adventure to the top of Volcano El Hoyo. When I arrive at the Quetzaltrekkers office, I’m greeted by […]


Sighisoara, Romania

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After spending 30 hours on trains within 36 hours to get from Turkey to Romania […]

Sighisoara, Romania – Europe #20 [VIDEO]As We Travel – Travel Videos & Travel Blog


Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia: As We Travel Europe – Country #15 As We Travel @AsWeTravel Europe As We Travel is run by Nathan & Sofia. They have been traveling around the world together since 2008 sharing travel advice via daily blogs on AsWeTravel.com

A Hike to Machu Picchu, Peru

The hike to Machu Picchu was long, hard and pretty much vertical. Looking back, I should have counted the steps. Not only did we walk to the entrance, we also hiked up to the peak of Huayna Picchu, as well as all the way to the Sun Gate where people enter from the Inca trail. […]

Hiking the Australian Outback

Australia’s Red Heart. 4 Days, 8 Locations. This is a swan dive deep into Central Australia. Bucketlist items checked off in this video are: visiting the legendary Ayer’s Rock, drinking from waterfalls in the Olgas and hiking along Kings Canyon’s rim. Big Ups to Intrepid Travel, their tours always blow me away. This trip was […]


Top Three Sights in Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara, the second most often visited city in Nepal, sits on the shore of Phewa Tal, a lovely lake ringed by lush green hills, beyond which tower the Annapurna Himalayas. Though Pokhara offers a multitude of interesting activities, ranging from trekking in the nearby Annapurnas to learning about the world fiercest fighting men at the […]


MagLev Train from Shanghai, China to Pudong Airport

The MagLev train (short for magnetic levitation) travels from Shanghai’s city center to Pudong International Airport in a flat nine minutes, reaching a top speed of 435 kph (261 mph). Read more about my round-the-world travels on my blog.

Amazon Animals & Wonders,

A biologist in the Amazon Rainforest? You’re going to need a cro-bar to pry him out. We stayed in an Eco-Lodge named Posada Amazonas. They went for the “Open” concept room design there. A knee length curtain for the front door, one for the bathroom and only 3 walls… the 4th wall was a railing […]


Castle of Santa Barbara, Alicante, Spain

Tour of Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante, Spain. A must see if you’re in Alicante! Produced by Pause the Moment


Benidorm, Spain

My day trip to Benidorm, Spain Produced by Pause the Moment

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