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Jon Rawlinson

Mysterious Cappadocia, Turkey

by Jon Rawlinson A short video I shot in Cappadocia, Turkey in 2005.

Jon Rawlinson

Respect Mother Nature: British Columbia, Canada

by Jon Rawlinson Shot in British Columbia, Canada. The song is “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra.

Michael M

Boller Castle, Horsens, Denmark

by Michael M Boller Castle is an old castle just outside the town of Horsens in eastern Jutland, Denmark. It looks as a house from a fairy tale, but nowadays it is home for old citizens. Around 1630 it was the home of a kings mistress. First known 650 years ago, it’s a historic place […]

Petra W.

Mood of spring: Romberg-Park, Dortmund, Germany

by Petra W. Romberg-Park in Dortmund, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany. Already in the years 1820-1822 a scenery garden was put on by order of the nobility family by Romberg on their estate in the today’s Dortmund south according to English model. A good 100 years later, in 1927, the city of Dortmund acquired the […]

Petra W.

Early spring: Botanischen Garten Bochum, Germany

by Petra W. Ich habe die Aufnahmen im Botanischen Garten Bochum im Februar 2011 gemacht…die ersten Blumen, ein Vorgeschmack auf den Fr

Petra W.

Nationalpark Harz, Germany

by Petra W. Einige Eindr

Bollard Bastien

Antigua and Barbuda boat trip story

by BOLLARD Bastien Antigua y Barbuda Boat trip story Here the story of a Kitesurf Boat trip in caribean sea with some friends from Brasil , France and Canada. The wind was light, so it was not easy to have some good kitesurf shot’s… But Adrien Jaujou one of the best’s french Freestyle riders succeed […]

Silberius de Ura

Evanescent Nature: Arlanza, Burgos, Spain

by Silberius de Ura Evanescent Nature // Naturaleza Evanescente Amanecer con niebla en Arlanza, Norte de Espa

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