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Explore Sri Lanka in 4 Minutes

Earlier this year we spent 3 weeks traveling around Sri Lanka, a country with incredible diverse nature and the most charming people. Sri Lanka is so full of surprises and experiences, there are so many things to see and do there that we didn’t feel that 3 weeks was enough. Here is a video we made […]

Thanksgiving Cranberry Farm Massachusetts

Where do your holiday cranberries come from? This Massachusetts farm supplies Ocean Spray with cranberries used for cranberry juice, cran raisins, sauce and many other products. Along with Wisconsin, Massachusetts is a large cranberry supplier for the US. Sometimes the cranberry bogs ae flooded, others are hand picked.


Rice Harvest, Nepal

In late October and November the rice fields in Nepal turn from green to golden and farmers across the country begin the harvest. From cutting the rice stalks and laying them out to dry in the fields, to threshing, winnowing, and replanting, the backbreaking work is primarily done by hand, without the use of modern […]

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