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Petra W.


by Petra W. Das Freilichtmuseum Detmold ist eines der bedeutendsten seiner Art in Europa, mit 90 ha Fl

Silberius de Ura

El Parque Natural de los Sabinares del Arlanza, Spain

by Silberius de Ura El trepidante ritmo de la Naturaleza pasa inadvertido para la mayor parte de los habitantes de las ciudades. En cambio, el mundo rural tradicional vive pendiente de ese ritmo (y sometido a


The Appeal of Living

In this video, Jennifer Stevens, IL

Ontario Travel : A Country Outing to Lake Ridge Farm, Koi Nu

Fall is a great time for country getaways in Ontario. As the nice weather is still holding up, I decided to head into the countryside on September 18, 2009. A couple of months ago I had received an invitation to drop by a special place north of Port Perry, just about an hour northeast of […]

Thanksgiving Cranberry Farm Massachusetts

Where do your holiday cranberries come from? This Massachusetts farm supplies Ocean Spray with cranberries used for cranberry juice, cran raisins, sauce and many other products. Along with Wisconsin, Massachusetts is a large cranberry supplier for the US. Sometimes the cranberry bogs ae flooded, others are hand picked.


Patara Elephant Farm, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The long awaited Episode 3 brings you along with us as we become elephant owners for the day at Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was one of the most memorable parts of our entire trip around the world. Visit my website below for more Travel Tips, Reviews, Photography, Videos, and Inspiration for […]

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