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Business Class Air Travel in Liberia 1975

Silent Super 8mm film. 1975. Murray Field Airport, Sinoe, Greenville County, Liberia. Business travellers returning from a visit to a major timber company (Vanply) wait for their flight in the departure lounge, order drinks at the well-stocked bar equipped with red spitting bucket, and get weighed it. One thing expatriates learnt how to do in […]


Shahjalal International Airport: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Flying GMG Airlines between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Kathmandu, Nepal, requires an eight hour layover in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Besides having to wait in a disgustingly filthy, smoke-filled transit lounge, in an airport that reeked of diesel fuel and paint fumes, we also were issued boarding passes only through to Dhaka. After seven hours of waiting, […]

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