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Big Sky Smokeout, New York City

Join the HIGH TIMES staff as they judge the best marijuana Montana has to offer…all without ever leaving New York!

HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup – San Francisco

In just two short months HIGH TIMES will bring the Medical Cannabis Cup back to the City by the Bay. The San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup will take place June 25 & 26, 2011. Awards will be given to the best cannabis, hashish and edibles, as well as the most medicinal cannabis. The San Fran […]

Thanksgiving Cranberry Farm Massachusetts

Where do your holiday cranberries come from? This Massachusetts farm supplies Ocean Spray with cranberries used for cranberry juice, cran raisins, sauce and many other products. Along with Wisconsin, Massachusetts is a large cranberry supplier for the US. Sometimes the cranberry bogs ae flooded, others are hand picked.

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