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    Enjoy at day at the “Shore.” Folks from New Jersey call the beach, “the shore” and you will too after seeing the great beaches of Ocean City. Surfs’ been up in Ocean City NJ for decades, and […]

  • This is a special video I’ve made as part 3 of 3 of an entry to Indiais.org video competition. This particular video is for the ‘India Is Creative’ entry. The music in this video is by Sagnik Basu & Krishnaroop Chakravarthi – Lost Sagnik creative commons.

  • This is a special video I’ve made as part 2 of 3 of an entry to Indiais.org video competition. This particular video is for the ‘India Is Colourful’ entry. The music in this video is by Sagnik Basu & Krishnaroop Chakravarthi – Dance of Joy creative commons.

  • From the floor of a train, to fishing with cormorants in Yangshuo, the first leg of my trip was spent in rural China. Backpacking through several cities really gave me new perspective on chinese people and culture. The Li River is famous for it’s karst formations, the limestone mountains the jut out of the landscape […]

  • Point A: Toronto, Canada. Point B: Hong Kong, China. Before I embarked to Travel the World in 80 Days with Cathay Pacific, I was given a quick tour of behind the CX scenes at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. I cooked with a wok, learned some Mandarin, and got see see what goes on behind that secretive […]

  • The hike to Machu Picchu was long, hard and pretty much vertical. Looking back, I should have counted the steps. Not only did we walk to the entrance, we also hiked up to the peak of Huayna Picchu, as well as all the way to the Sun Gate where people enter from the Inca trail. […]

  • We took a crystal cabin cable car to the top of Ngong Ping on Lantau Island, China. We were there to see the Tian tan Buddha, one of the largest in the world, but we also found the Drumpoline Music Carnival. After a small Breakdance battle on a trampoline, we hiked up the steps and […]

  • One of the world’s financial titans and a city with pulse of a helicopter, Hong Kong never sleeps. What to do in this city? Hopefully you can get some ideas of what to see when you visit. In this video I talk about the efficiency of the MTR and public transportation due to the octopus […]

  • When you pack your bags and head to another country, what’s the first thing you do when you arrive? If you said “hit the bar”, you’re in the right ballpark, but what I was aiming for was food. An important part of travel is getting a taste of what your destination has to offer, literally. […]

  • Australia’s Red Heart. 4 Days, 8 Locations. This is a swan dive deep into Central Australia. Bucketlist items checked off in this video are: visiting the legendary Ayer’s Rock, drinking from waterfalls in the Olgas and hiking along Kings Canyon’s rim. Big Ups to Intrepid Travel, their tours always blow me away. This trip was […]

  • My submission for the Air Transat Vacationer Wanted video blogging competition. The winner the competition gets a year contract to travel the world on salary. Living the life of a vacationer would be amazing, it’s the job i’ve wanted my whole life. Travel and making videos, this is pretty much the best thing next to […]

  • A very Interesting…. and pink, hotel room in Christ Church, New Zealand

  • A biologist in the Amazon Rainforest? You’re going to need a cro-bar to pry him out. We stayed in an Eco-Lodge named Posada Amazonas. They went for the “Open” concept room design there. A knee length curtain for the front door, one for the bathroom and only 3 walls… the 4th wall was a railing […]

  • Welcome to Cuzco. A city that has to be seen to be understood. The Spanish came, the Spanish conquered, and the Spanish transformed this place, but only partially. It’s a fusion. Massive churches and beautiful colonial balconies are mixed with 30 foot walls which at one point were the foundations of old Incan temples. This […]

  • Thin Air, Cool Temperatures and the MOST incredible landscape I have ever seen. The curtains open and we start out on the Lares Trek, one of the many Inca Trails that snake through the Peruvian Andes. The pace was perfect, 33 kilometers over 3 days gave us plenty of time to shift into a lower […]

  • Quick video I made after we flew from Lima (at sea level) to Puno (3800m) The altitude kicked us in the head. Symptoms included, dizziness, breathlessness and the jitters. The Pisco Sours we drank probably didn’t help either. Puno was the kick off of our 2 week South America tour of Peru. Places on the […]

  • A more in depth look of my backpacking trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. I love to travel, but I’m a nature geek at heart. My curse is not being able to leave the house without flipping rocks looking for animals and insects. Going to the Amazon Jungle with a camera was my opportunity […]

  • Our failed quest for the perfect Pisco Sour video. This video is of our last night of backpacking in Lima, Peru, for Flight Centre’s Best Travel Job Ever. We wanted to film the creation of a Pisco Sour, Peru and Chile’s National Drink. We left it until the very last 15 minutes before we had […]

  • Guinea Pig Brain… A Peruvian Delicacy Near the end of backpacking Peru, I had a few days left over in Cuzco. My mantra is “try everything once” and I had heard about eating guinea pig and had to try it. In south America, it is very common for Bolivian and Peruvian families to eat Cuy […]

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