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White Water Rafting, AuSable Chasm, New York

At the end of the Inner Sanctum Trail at AuSable Chasm, I crossed over the gorge on a narrow walking bridge and clambered into a rubber raft for the last half of the journey. We shot through the Grand Flume, bounced through choppy rapids and floated into the whirlpool basin, which rotated our raft once and spit us out the other side. As we approached the landing dock our guide told us a about an eighty-something couple who recently floated down the river in tubes. They missed the line of buoys that mark the take-out point, went through class three rapids, carried their tubes down the final mile of river and emerged into Lake Champlain, where they were rescued by the Coast Guard. Grinning from ear to ear, they asked if they could do it again. AuSable Chasm has done a marvelous job of developing a commercial operation without ruining the beauty of a natural attraction. Read the entire post at Hole in the Donut.

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